Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Story Of Designer : Agnes

Agnes Andree Marguerite Trouble is French fashion designer,born in 1941 ,best known for her self-named brand ''agnes b.''

''At 19 Agnes had mixed twinns and separated from her husdband their father when she was 20.
She graduated Ecole du Louvre in Paris. A career soon followed when her personal style cought an eye of Elle magazine staffer at flea market (!) Her style of dress at the time was inspiered less by fashion than thrift,but the magazine liked what it saw and hiered her as junior editor.

With he rmind more on designing rather than on editing,she left Elle after less than two years.

She became designer,buyer and press atachee for Dorothee Bis in Paris. 

She freelance designed for Limitex,Pierre d'Alby, V de V, and Eversbin in the years 1965-66

In later years she founded CMC (Comptoir Mondial de Creation) parent of the agnes b. label.

She opened her first boutique in Les Halles in 1975 , former butcher shop - the black and white tiled store had rustic,communal atmosphere,defined by an indore swing for children and impromptu aviary.

Her friends were hir first repeat customers.

She started designing menswear in 1981 after observing men appropriete clothes designed for women.

Her first international store was located in Prince Street ,New Yorks Soho district in 1983. Her interest in the city was a product of her love of American crime movie gener ,wich later influenced the decor of her store .
In 1999 She began artistic colaboration with filmmaker Harmony Korine.
Agnes launched her parfume ''Le b. '' in 1987,together with a skin care and cosmetic line. With time she started designing matirnity wear ,shoes and bags. Additionaly she designed watches and eyewear for Seiko  and a beauty line for L'Oreal .''

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