Friday, March 4, 2016

Why are bodycon dresses so great

Bodycon dresses are all the hype in fashion world for several years now ,but finding a bodycon dress that trully fits might be a chalange to most of us even though they come in varaity of styles and colors

What most girls do bad when picking their perfect bodycon dress is that they pick ones that are too short - the seacret with bodycon dress looking gorgeous  is her leinght. Everything above the half of tigh is not good!

What i would allways recomend you (and that is because i personaliy follow this rule) is that no matter how great your legs are,if you pick a dress,never go too short ,esspecialy if the dress is tight . You want to look classy,femenine and sensual,not like a hooker.

Now most of girls that i had conversation about bodycon dresses said that they love them on other women but are not brave enough to buy one for themselfs because they have ''fuller bodies'' - i was one of those girls before i tried on  my first bodycon dress - i tought that my stomack will stick out,or that my ass will be too flat or something else will just not be as good looking on me with it compared to other girls i saw wearing them in real life , on internet and tv. I tryed it on out of curiosity - and guess what happened,i fell in love with it.

Thing is if you are buying a quality dress you will find one that will certanly fit well ! The quality is seen in material and sewing,and if you are fuller girl i recomend you for looking for dresses that will give you an tightening effect,that will hug your body and make it look firm. And if you need little extra hellp,dont be afrad of using girdle under it - hey if Kim Karadashian can wear it,you can too.

You will have to try on several types of bodycon before you find one that is perfect for you,go through materials and styles ,dont get frustrated if the first one you tryed on did not look like like you would want it to.

Now ''why is bodycon dress so great''?

Well because it can actually be worn in many occasions,from a wild partty to a buisniss meeting - i know it sounds weird but it can - ofcourse with mixing and matching with details to complete the story. A black bodycon dress paired with a blazer and simple black pumps - perfect for your work place,the same black dress with some leather jacket and some good sexy boots perfect for a stroll and so on,and so on.

The trendiest leinght and style curently is bellow the knee,just so you know.

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