Saturday, March 19, 2016

How to seduce with fashion - 3 things that work both combined and separate

Fashion in right pair of hands can be used for so many good things - for example catching attention of person we are interested in!

I was thinking of making this post ''educational'' , because,as you all can see, fashion lover does not allways mean fashion knower. There is so much more to fashion and style than just pure love we have for it.

Both females and males tend to use fashion as attention catcher of opposite (or same if you will) sex .

Scientists have discovered that red color raises interest of those around us for us - so if you want to be noticed,pick RED.

Wether it should be a dress or lipstick,red on you will raise awerenes of your presence of those around you.
Because it is such strong color,you should avoid flashy accesories - forget about animal print,fake diamonds and sparkle! And please,look for a good quality materials because red can look both super sophisticated when worn nicely,but in other cases...super trashy,and you dont want to look trashy.

Wearing low cut shirts or dresses is a good way of grabbing attention of male population,but again you dont want to look trashy,you dont want them to think you are out there for every single one of them,you want them to notice you but respect you at the same time. You wont achive that if you pick low cut that will make you look over exposed! Depending of how big your breasts are pick clothes. If you have big breasts go for corset types - but have in mind that a low cut dosent have to be super low cut,make it look classy.

It is known that men love seeing women in high heels. What men also love is when a woman can walk in them without looking like Bambi on ice - so if you are not stable high heel walker,you should either work on that problem or try to avoid heels.

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