Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Online shopping - how to do it

Online shopping is one of the fun forms of shopping if you ask me,me who finds strolling from store to store in search for clothes to buy boring.

You sit back and scroll down online stores and droll or frown on what you see.

So i decided to write an post about it.

I have written in the past on sale's happening in some of online stores (you can find it HERE ) but i didnt make it clear how can you do it ,so i am going to do it now.

Lets start

1. Find a reliable online store ,there are a lot of frauds on World Wide Web just waiting to fool you. Stores i mentioned in the link above are relibale,legit firms,there are also some Chinese sites that offer online shoping for nice prices ,but mind the ''feedback'' section part of the item you are thinking of ordering and look at the rating of the store,because that can say a lot,also people post pictures of items that they recived wich is very . A lot of people are praising AliExpress  wich is one of those firms.

1.2 First you should do once you find the store, is to open and account there. Fill in basic information wich in most cases is - your e-mail adress,password,name and last name,maybe date of birth and basically that would be it for start. Once you have an account you can add clothes you wish to buy or just like in your ''shoping bag'' or ''save'' them for later. What is a perk of this is the fact that once in your shoping bag you get the information how much would you have to pay for it all,and some sites even count in the shipping price in so you wouldnt have to bother with it.

2. Shipping prices can vary from store to store and country to coutry wich they are sent to and from. Sometimes you get the free shiping,sometimes discounts - look what a site can offer on their information and hellp pannel. For example i think Asos has and option that you get free shipping once you order over 20 punds you get free shipping  with their standard UK delivery service.

3. Once you decide to order items you get to the section of filling in the information needed for you to pay and recive the items you ordered - wich means adding ,your first and last name,phone number,country,home address,city,county,postcode.Then you choose your delivery method and final is your paying method wich can be done with your internet card,paypal and your regular card.

4. After you recive an e-mail that your items are being sent and everything is fine with your payment,you may get a code to track your package. You write the code in their section for tracking packages (duh ). The time you recive it depends on the option of shipping you picked and the situation of it being verified in your country - wich in Serbia can take some time -.-

5. You should know your taxing laws of your country and how much you will have or not have to pay for that. In Serbia they can tax the hell out of you with some of the strangest explanations why they did it - as in they googled similar product and charged it as it even though they are diferent brands,so be ready to complain,do not throw the recites and keep an eye on the item you ordered and take all the informations about it in case you need it.

So basicall that is is scarry when you first start ordering online,but the feeling once the item you ordered arives is priceless :D Have fun.