Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trasitional weather items you should have

Spring is transitional weather time - time when we get to play with layers and shed the winters heavy clothes - but its the time when you can get sick very easily due to athmospheric changes-  wich happen   often, so you should know how to dress appropriately . See here wich transitional weather items you should own this season that will keep you chic and healthy!

1. Faux Fur vests over leather jackets
Perfect for early spring when its not that hot for you to strout around in just a leather jacket,but its hot enough for you to ditch your winter outwear - the combination is very chic,you can count on being seen as a classy and sophisticated yet with a little edge.

2. Parka jacket
This trendy jackets are perfect for transitional weather - just go for ones with lighter filling and ditch faux fur that often is found around their hood - because of the fact they became so trendy in last couple of seasons you are sure to find the ''right one'' for you ,they come in many colors and have many fun detailing - for spring time youd probably like ones with floral details. .

3. Curly Faux Fur jackets
Fur jackets were a winter go to trend ,so why not continue it through transitional weather with lighter,fun version of it,such as curly faux fur ?

4. Sweatshirts 
When you hear sweatshirts the first tought that probably comes to your mind is ''working out'' but have in mind that this items are actually very mainstream and that you can find fancy versions of them you can wear and look fashionable - they are perfect for early transitional weather because you can wear them under some light jacket and they will give you the needed warmth,or wear them on their own without anything else on if the weather is mild - and they will cool you down enough.

5. Cardigans 
Cardigans are perfect for transitional weather when its neither too cold nor too hot - imagine early breezy mornings or eavnings  of mid spring - have a short sleeve t shirt under and you are perfect for the day.

6. Denim jackets
You probably expected this one. Can you imagine any list without this timeless,handy, trendy peace ?
Yes denim jackets are ,as you probably allready know, perfect outwear for transitional weather - you can wear them in all sorts of ways and are sure to find the perfect one for you and your style because they come in so many styles themselves. 

6. Leather sneakers
When it comes to shoes leather sneakers do the trick for transition in clothes for the season you need  - keep you warm enough (no ventilation holes like regular sneakers have)  yet are not like regular leather footwear - they give you more freedom of movement . Oh and they are super classy,note that.

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