Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Oscars 2017 best and worst

Oscars 2017 have ended - and we have had celebrities put on their A-game once again - the theme i noticed is that our lovely ladies reached for metalic detailing and form fitting gowns - now have a look at my picks for best and worst dressed celebs on the Oscars 2017 red carpet.

Best dressed

Taraji P. Henson came to slay and did so - sexy elegant dress,bob hair and jewlery to die for was a victory for her

Emma Stone looked like a gilded marble statue - a win for her

Viola Davis shined in hot red form fitting dress that perfectly contrasted her rich skin color

Octavie Spencer proved plus size can look super elegant yet fun

Brie Larson looked like a silver screen goddess in her black velvety dress

Charlize Therons dress was continuation of last seasons metalic elegance we could see on red carpets - it did her justice

Hailee Steinfeld looked like a princess in long white floral dress 

Nicole Kidman played it safe with 20s inspired powdery pink  dress

Naomie Harris showed how to wear white cut out bodycon dress with a freaking trail behind  and own it

Isabelle Huppert came in long gray ivory dress and it fit her perfectly

Kirsten Dunst looked elegant and mesmorizing in her black  dress 

Michelle Williams looked absolutly mesmorising in her black and white dress with super trendy plunging neckline  - she proved less is more by deciding not to suffocate the look with unnecessary accessories.

Jessica Oyelowo came in elegant white form fitting dress with baroque silver detailing and looked amazing in it. 

Busy Philipps brought something edgy to the table  - long sleek side parted hairstyle,dark velvety cut out dress and gorgeous makeup were a win for her.

Felicity Jones came in looking like a fairy ballerina in all white ,her dark hair contrasting her snow white skin -simply perfect

Scarlet Johanson came in pink printed dress with an edgy belt - i dont like her short do,but i just liked the dress way too much 

Jessica Biel looked like a famous Oscars status herself - She trully is a prise,keep her tight Justin

Emma Roberts high waisted black and white dress with plunging neckline was a yes,yes,yes for the oscars 

Faye Dunavay came in suit dress and brought refreshing classy look to the carpet

Auli'i Cravalho was mesmorising

Worst dressed 

Ruth Neggas red dress is not my cup of tea,it reminds me of cheap Turkish wedding dresses with 

Janelle Monae just  did too much for my taste - it has too much detailing and its weird looking in general ,this kind of dress would be much better fit for a MET gala or some kind of music awards.

Alicia Vikander looked like she rushed off from a period drama set where she is a French hooker ,did not have time for hairstylist either unfortunatly .

That even models cant pull out every dress proves Karlie Kloss who just simply had unfortunate dress cut 

Halle Berrys unfortunate choice of hairstyle led me to put her in this section - the dress is gorge,but Halle is example how if one thing looks bad everything looks bad

Dakota Johnson looked like she might have been dressed and styled by her own grandmother

Priyaka Chopra just did not pick the right cut of the dress - it looked simply ill made,like someone forgot to finish it

Ava Duvernays dress looked like she bought it for some kind of Mid Eastern ceremony  - i also dont fancy the hairstyle with this dress ,if it was some kind of updo it would have been much better - this way it looks unfinished.

I didnt know what to do with Laura Dern to be honest,i really like her dress ,but her hairstyle decided that her place is in this section - she would look much better with an updo - this way it really randomized her look,and Oscars are not for random looks.

Leslie Manns dress was just simply over the top - color is great but there is too much going on for my taste

With Salma Hayeks dress and style in general i was again confused - i really like the dress but i dont think it loks that good on Salma ,her clevage is just too much for it,and i dislike the hair she chose- sorry Slma,better luck next time

Kate Mckinnon also earned herself place in this section because of her poor hairstlye choice - dress is simple and looks good,but the styling is simply wrong

Allison Schroeders dress was one big NO 

Cynthia Erivo also landed in this section because of her hair in the first place  - also dress fits ill on her body shape 

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