Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Halloween inspiration - makeup

Its near and you are probably just as me looking forward to dressing up as something interesting - here i will show you some makeup wich you can use as inspiration,rememmber that good makeup is half of the good mask !

You might not be as good as this girls ,but give it a try!

Yes you can literaly be ''miss universe'' and all you need for this mask is good shinymakeuo and a brush!

This one is actually quite easy although it looks complicated..if you ever wanted to be Ouija now you have the chance,you just need super light foundation and black liner pencil and liquid

A creepy doll - heck yes,and its quite an easy mask to make

Before they have tome to ask you what your sign is - show them 

Just try not to kill your brother ,ok

If you want to win an award

A good old sexy kitty

Corpse bride is a yessss

Hocus Pocus 

If you want to make people feel trippy

There is no Halloween without Wednesday

Try not to be around woods or cemetaries in this mask or police might have a talk with you

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