Sunday, October 9, 2016

Best gifts for fellow fashionistas?

The gifting season has officialy started in whole world with October - for one half of the world October is marked by hollydays such as Thanksgiving and Halloween and for the other half this is time period where we have a lot of Saints Days - Not far away are December and January wich will bring us both Catholic and Ortodox Christmass and not to mention New Year! So in this Blog post i  decided to hellp you out with your shopping for gifts for people who love fashion as much as you do (or even more than that if you are one of those people who found this post in desperate need for hellp ) and no ,we are not going to gift them clothes ,although they would probably very much appreciate it !

Ok lets start!

No wait,first i need to tell you that everything i post here will be from our fave so wherever in the world you are you can find some of the super cute things i post here!

Ok...where do we start now ? about from those fashionistas who love  journals? Yeah thats a great start because those are some really fun gifts!

1. Fashion  Journals!
Fashion journals are basically very beautifle and fine in quality notebooks or literall journals in wich you can write about topics they ask you about in there or topics you would like to write about,or draw your own designs!Basically it is a fun questioneer about fashion and your style .... They are very fun and no journal is the same so have some time searching for the perfect one

Here you have some of fashion journals i picked for you from Amazon
Style Journal -Garnet Style 

Fashionably Me

2. Fashion Sketchbooks !
For all of you or all of your darling friends who are artsy and into fashion this  fashion sketchbooks would be perfect present for any hollyday - you simply can not go wrong with gifting them with this !

Fashion Sketchbook - a designer's companion 

The pocket fashion sketchpad 

The big black fashion design sketchbook 

3. Fashion books
Keeping it in book section - books about fashion are probably the safest option - you simply can not go wrong,you allready know that the person loves fashion so you are safe to belive he or she will enjoy a good old book about fashion - and there are so many interesting books on fashion .
This are my pics

The little dictionary of fashion - Christian Dior

Vogue Colors A to Z - a fashion coloring book 

The fashion book 

4. Fashion wall art!
There is nothing better than decorating your walls with themes you love - and fashionistas love art depicting....well fashion ofcourse!

Canvas wall art 

Marilyn and Audrey

Runway fashion model sketches

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