Monday, April 11, 2016

What size a model should be?

Just today i have stumbled  upon a forum on wich this very  question is often raised - what size a model should be?

It seems that among lots of Fashion industry  lovers opinion is shared that ''Fashion models '' should be super skinny - they complain how industry is being ''ruthlessly '' changed before their very eyes by  politically correctness pushing certain someones - they ask ''how dare they push models who fall under '' plus size label '' so much leaving skinny perfections jobless, how dare they tell us skin and bones are promoting unhealthy lifestyles ? How dare they tell designers who to pick for their shows and campaigns  ? ''    Those are questions repeated over and over on certain forums praising Skinny body of models .

 Lets get clear here - is skinny body normal and healthy  for some people?- yeah sure it is,but constant promotion of it as something ''good,cool,beautiful'' is harmfull for those people who are not naturally skinny and that is the fact people who stand offended by adds being banned just because there is a model who looks way too skinny do not understand or refuse to understand!

I do not agree with people who are too ''+'' being promoted either,but i guess industry is trying to find balance between ''skinny,sporty,normal and fat'' and they got their labels mixed up .

In the minds of ''skinny model '' promoters - skinny sells better than plus size,clothes look better on skinny models  and that is the main reason why skinny models should only be used  -  well that is not true as we can see with phenomena of not so skinny celebrities dictating the trends ,isnt it?

If you ask me - fashion industry should be diverse and open for all body types . End of story.

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  1. Well said, fashionista. ;¬)
    I'd add that skinny bodies have less 'distraction power' over the clothes, not just the clothes look better.