Friday, April 8, 2016

Model beauty secrets !

Have you ever wondered how do they achive to look that beautifle? Ok morphology of their face is what they were born with,but we all know your skin and hair change depending on various factors - outter and inner - models live fast and not most healthy lifes (allways in rush they skip sleep and food time ) yet they allways look so fresh - how?

Some models decided to share their hair  beauty secrets with the world.

Model Victoria Brito 

“Take coconut oil, put it all over your hair under a beanie cap or shower cap, and sleep with it in,” she says. “It’s the best thing to relieve breakage and keep it healthy. I do this four to five times a month.”

Anja Rubik tells us how to achive lovely waves 

“You can do little buns on top of your head, and then when you let it go, it has that natural wave,”

Joan Smalls shares her secret of conditionair usage 

 “I comb it through my hair and put my hair in a bun,” she says. “My other tip is to leave conditioner in your hair, then add a bit of gel so it holds the curl and you get the conditioning benefits.''

Dree Hemingway shares her secret of allways having soft touseld strands of hair

 “I don’t own a blow-dryer,” she tells . “I basically just condition my hair.” Otherwise known as co-washing (washing your hair with conditioner), this technique has long been used by curly-haired curls to keep their strands moisturised.

Kendall Jenner reveals how she makes her stick straight silky  hair more textured 
“My hair is so stick straight and silky,So when I sleep with it wet and wake up in the morning, it has this nice texture to it.”

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