Friday, April 8, 2016

Good old contouring

And when i say ''old'' i mean it!

Do you really think Kim Karadashian ''invented'' conturing ? If you do you relly have to read what is to follow - she just made it popular, love.

Conturing started way back, like in...1500s! Yes,that far back. Elizabethan era actors started highlighting their face with chalk and soot to their faces  so the public could better see their expresions .

In 1800 actors had to find other ways of highlighting their faces becuse soot would be noticable under bright artificial light that has been introduced  .

In this period actors have started using what is now known ''pan -cake make -up'' and even greese so their facial expressions would be more noticable.

In 1920-1930s conturing has been brought to tv screens - movie actors used it often,and famous Marlene Dietrich was said to belive in accenting her natural lines with make-up ,by shading and sculpting. She was very much avare of how lightning playes a role in beauty accenting.

In 1934 legendary make-up artist Max factor inspiered by his job with movie industry ,added his spin on good old theatre actors shading tehniques for movie actors,so their faces would not appear so flat.
In 1945 his beauty school releasead first step -by -step tutorial video on contouring.

1950 is a time of big Hollywood names like Marilyn Monroe,Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor - if you take closer look of their pictures of the time you will notice they had mild conturing done - the thing is beauty secrets were not shared with public back then as they are now.

In 1990 - the period of all thight and cropped (sounds stranegly  familiar,modern, dosent it) stencil brows and sharp conturing became more mainstream.

2012 became notorious as the year when countouring becme all the rage! Queen of social media Kim Karadashian has posted a picture on her instagram profile  of her during and after make-up session with her make-up artist Scot Barnes . Millions of people all around the world realized they too can look as sharp and beautifle as   their favorite celebrities do .

Present times have been very productive for mke-up - spinoffs like tontouring,strobing and henna contouring have been present on internet,all over instagram and youtube. Young and old are experimenting with all this make-up styles . Even other parts of bodies have been subjected to it - legs,breasts,hands,collar bones! You name it you can counure it!

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