Thursday, February 4, 2016

What i bought from: Forever 21

So i had some online shoping lately - i mentioned it i belive in SALES post

And in Forever 21 i have found some items i would like to brag with,and recommend them for upcoming Valentines day maybe ;)

Lets begin.

 Faux Fur Open -Front vest - now i am not a fur girls,but this is the fluffiest yet classiest fur vest i saw.... On Sale it is 21,99 and regular price would be 32,00 euros - i mean,thats some save of the money there.

I have a birthday to attend this February and i was so happy to find this simple yet interesting dress! I have bought few more dresses,but for the Febrruary this one is just the one. It was 17 euros on Sale

Geo -Embroidered Hoodie was way too good to pass . Maybe i didnt really need it...but...compulsive buyer i am.
It is 21,99 on looks very nice,but i could have survived without it  xD

Now,whenever there is a Sale for Fall - Winter first thing that i go to are jackets . and i am thinking leather jackets :) I bought myself this baby for only 25,99 Euros 

I payed 31,99 Euros for this Geo-Patterende Sequin jacket and ...i am not sorry!Yes it is bit over my imagined border of how much i would give on sequince..but .. I think this baby will go perfectly with the dress i mentioned - what do you think?

I have a job interview this month and i was searching for a perfect bluse...and i found it! It is ONLY 15,99 Euros and i am in love with it.

I got this ribbed top for only 15,99 Euros ,''it is very trendy...looks comfy...why not buy it'' i tought to my self while i was hitting the little red ''add to bag'' sign

I allready know that i will wear this pullower non-stop in this transitional period. It is only 15,99 Euros.

Weird...i tought i bought more stuff from Forever 21. I guess this is it.

In the end i payed 167.92 Euros for all this...when i write it down like this it hits me xD

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