Thursday, February 4, 2016

Adidas is this springs sport fashion trend

This spring you will have more chances in rocking sport fashion - and still be in style my lovely fashionista .

Adidas is allways there for us with their comfey clothes and shoes - but this season they are bringing chick vibes with them stripes - i will write like that,yes,broken English...why not

Ok ,the trendiest sneakers of the season are ''Adidas superstar'' and they are EVERYWHERE and they come in every single color and i just love them. Look how great they are.

Superstar model was introduced to us 1969 - they are low cut model that probably pops up to most peoples mind when they hear of adidas sneakers - yes they were most trendy in the past,and they once again are,refreshed and styled to the fullest though.

If you are a 90's baby you probably had this sneak's when you were in middle school - they were all the rage back then...

Ok,Ok, done with the know what more from our lovely Adidas is back ? Their black tracksuits!
Yes,the very well known black tracksuit with vertical white lines - those ones! Now New thing in sport tracksuit trend of this company  is - thights!

The baggy ones thoug are little black dress of sport fashion,keep that in mind.

Oh,and there are some super cute designes that we love from their 2014 ''original'' collection that i just so see as 2016 trend

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