Friday, February 5, 2016

Braids you should know about

French Braid or also known as ''regular braid'' 

The hair strands ( 3 of them)  are going one over other  - if it is done other way around one under other  the braid becomes Dutch braid 
Could be worn as 1 braid or 2 braids

Four Strand Braid

Is the alternative of the three strand braid and is done in same exact fashion,except obviously with 4 strands.

Fishtail Braid 

Fishtail braid looks complicated to make but is one of the simplest braids out there - belive me.
It is 2 strands braid 
Relaxed French Braid 

The name says it all - it is relaxed French braid

Lace Braid

Lace braids are a style that goes over the side of the head 

Rope Braids 

Rope braids are hair twisters - wich obviously means you will have to twist and twirle  quite much ,but they are not hard to make. This Braid style is 2 strand braid,like fish tail ones.

Once you wash your hair and dry it off,and after it braid it in this style,sleep with it and tomorrow when you take the braid off your hair will be nice and wavy ;)

Waterfall Braid 

Is a bit harder of all previously mentioned braids to make.
This braid is done as one braid going across head. It is a three strand braid.

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