Saturday, July 8, 2017

Makeup artist magic : Desi Perkins

Makeup artist magic

Desi Perkins is American (Mexican ) makeup artist i am absolutely in loooove with .  Known for her amazing techniques and natural beauty, this lovely lady knows her thing and is not afraid of sharing her knowledge with us through her insta and youtube channel - respect.

first of all

I am thinking about having another section added to my blog, and that section would be dedicated to makeup artists just so i would introduce you guys to them, i know i have ''beauty'' section, but thats just such broad section, and i think that makeup artists deserve their separate section just like designers, models and photographers do.

Desi is a perfect fit for my new page to start its thing with her because she is one of my favorite makeup artists if not actually one of my absolute favorites.

Desi is one of those successful people who made it big thanks to the internet,  she belongs to the generation of people who made it on their own thanks to all of us being linked together on the net and appreciating things they put out for free, for us to see. She started out her career on instagram but became big on  YouTube. I think its only fair to make a point that Desi had the help of her lovely husband  Steven, whom we can call her main photographer. I just felt the need to do ashout outt to Steven - behind every successful partner, there is other one supporting him.

Desi hit the lights (its not a real term i just made it up to put emphasis on her becoming famous) with her '' eyebrow tutorial'' wich brought her 15 million views.

The fame brought Desi the title of most sought makeup artists, and she is a favorite of rich and famous themselves.

What i personally love most about her is that she unknowingly answers all my internal questions and needs - i am the type of person that enjoys doing makeup but sometimes feels the need to put as less product as possible, next thing i know is that Desi has answers for my questions regarding those my needs in one of her many youtube videos. Alo personally her personality and the way she is presenting, speaking, gesturing really fits what i like to see in people who do this kind of thins, she is funny but not aggressive in her way of presenting.

Her instructions on how to do your makeup and reasoning behind them are so easy to understand that even newbie makeup users will easily follow them.

Another thing i really love about her is that her style allways looks FRESH - no caked up look .

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