Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cornrows for summer relif

It is hot outside, and even if you have short hair such as i do (which is a bob hairstyle) you feel the need to put your hair in some kind of hairstyle that will keep it away from the rest of you!

Last year double dutch braid has made a huge comeback to the scene, making way for this summers hairstyle to shine - i am talking about CORNROWS!

Yes, you have read it well, a hairstyle that is not as popular outside of African community is actually becoming a thing, simply because it is so practical, and at the right time because this summer is long, hot and in desperate need for a hairstyle trend.

In this blog post, you will see some interesting variations of cornrows made for everyone - all hair lengths included and for all occasions!

This hairstyle can trace its known origin back to the African continent, with which people have made sure to have all the freedom when it comes to the creative making of the same.

I said that cornrows come to us after couple of seasons of absolute domination of double dutch braid which was made popular by famous Kardashian clan, this is just a double dutch braid times at least 5 if not more, so if you have learned to make double dutch braid you sure will manage with cornrows, at least the ''messy'' looking ones of which I am an absolute fan.

Now I am dedicating this post about cornrows to all of us who do not have a history of wearing it, so we are not as familiar with it and our hair is not used to it, obviously, Africans will know their thing.

When it comes to all of us who are not from Africa, things you should guys know is that you might not end up looking good with super small braids and extra rows, simply because Caucasian  and Asian hair texture is different than African - they have thicker hair which means they have to make more rows and make the braids smaller, the rest of us should stick to 5 rows of nice full braids - just like in the picture to the left.

And just like in the pictures provided in this post, I would say its the best to make a little bun at the end, simply because in my modest opinion it looks more elegant, classy, sophisticated.

What is great about this braids is that you can wear them even with short hair, you just need patience and technique to defeat your rebellious small strands of hair trying to run away from your hands.

As you can see in the picture on the right (which is of Kim Kardashian) you can have a little fun with your rows by adding hair jewelry!

And before anyone tries to accuse anyone of cultural appropriation (because damned be those that did it last year with double dutch braid will try it again ) wearing a hairstyle and enjoying it is not a cultural appropriation , end of story, it is not and never was, anyone, and i say damn it anyone, can wear this hairstyle you don't need a special licence sent to your from Zimbabwe to wear it.

Kardashian- Jenner girls are not the only famous ladies who love wearing this braids, have a look who else wore them!

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