Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Short hair inspiration

Some of us are way too afraid of going all the way short with our manes - but some brave hearts out there are encouraging us with their awesome shorth hair styles enough for us to even consider it - if you are planning on going short or you allready are a shor haired queen but you need some hairstyle inspiration you are in the right place!

Miroslava Duma knows how to make it cute but classic with her lovely fingerwave hairstyle  

Miley surprised us all when she went super short few years ago,but sence then she mastered short hair hairstyles so you might want to take a note or two from her beauty book

Violeta Placidos chin long wavy bob is inspiration for all romantic souls who dare to go shorter 

Mia Wasikowskas classic bob with super short bangs are for the bravest of us all - youtfull look can be tricky sometimes so be brave  with this one ,when its good its really good (as we can see on Mia) but there are other cases you know.

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