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How to dress up as European women

When it comes to world of fashion and style of its inhabitants  Europ is famous for it - there are so many countries in Europe and each and every one of them has contributed to fashion and styles we love all over the world now .

It would be a sin to lump all European style in couple of words .

Lets start with famous French simple,monochromic chic - they are one of the leading countries in Fashion industry - they are something like country grandparents of fashion - first and best fashion houses were and are located in this beautiful West European country.

French women are famos for their chic yet effortless styles , so there are guide line words to follow if you want to emulate them - chic yet effortless.

- Its about looking like you dont really care that much....but you kinda do.
- A color you must own is - navy
- Patterns you must own - black and white stripes, cute simple patters with cats,bugs,flowers
- Shape - A line everything, big, scruffy
- Do not be afraid of girly dresses combine with see through stockings and cute bob hairstyle with bangs 
- Sunglasses that cover half of you face - umm yes please
- Heels are not necessity,esspecialy if you dont walk well in them - French girls never want to look silly when they walk - they dont want to look silly PERIOD.

- Your hair should look messy ,forget about combing
- Your waist should be seen - but dont buy a corset,a slim waist band will be perfect
- Dont be afraid of showing skin - as long as you dont show all of it at the same time - French women know how to subtly put on a fier of sexynes 

Italian women are epitomy of rich,flirty elagant  fashion . Another great European country,this time Southern European, wich is known for its rich fashion world . 

Italian women are pridefull,aware of their beauty and not afraid to flaunt it - but it all has to be tastefull .

- You want to look sexy yet elegant
- Colors you must own - red,yellow,black
- Patterns you must own - big flower ones, ornaments
- Shape - Body hugging ,with clevage
- Do not be afraid of high heels and platforms 
- Italian women love clothes of high quality - they dont go around buying just anything,one good designer peice is very immportant
- Details should be effective but not everywhere - big chunky golden bracelet will seal the deal

- Hair is very importan,it needs to be healthy and full of volume
- Do not be afraid of channeling post WWII war era fashion -feminine,simple 
- Maxi dresses that make you look like mediteranian godess on vacation are a must
- Dont forget your gladiators and a fedora 

Spanish women are similar to their Italian Southern European neighbors - famos for their sexy,femenine styles - rich in color and shape.

- You want to look like queen of passion
- Colors you must own - black and red
- Shapes you must own - waisted,flowy,hourglass
- Do not be afraid to show your bra -Spanish women are not afraid of it,a little bit of bra peeking from your rich clevage is a must
- Do not wear minis - Spanish women like to flaunt some skin,but not all - accent is on the upper body,skirts should not be too short
- Be proud of your shoulders - flaunt them

- Spanish women are famous for their rich hair wich looks amazing in low buns - so experiment with it
- Skirts with ruffles should not intimidate you 
- High heels are a must - Spanish women mastered high heels 
- Do not be afraid of color - Spanish women love colors and they often mix them , often
- Treat yourself with comfy linen pants
- Spanish women like flats and sandals - but forget about flip flops,forget about them,they dont exist for Spanish women,atleast not when in public

Going a little bit north from our famos South Westrn European countries,we will find posh British women  - famous for their down to earth,practical,smart but as i said posh fashion . 

- Colors you should own - gray,green,brown,black
- Patterns - stripes and squares 
- allways have pair of Wellies and Oxford booties 
- Coats,coats,coats - never enough of coats of various shapes,materials,colors

- Hair is straight,make up is prefered 
- British women do love blazers and pants - but ones in colors,not vibrant ones though
- Sweaters are a must 
- British girls are also not afraid of wearing urban sportswear 

Scandianvian  women are famous for their simple styles,down to earh and practical  fashion .

- Colors you must own - brays , beige and white 
- Shapes straight and simple
- Scandinavian girls love long cardigans and good comfy boots like Uggs and Chealsies 
- Cargo jackets all day every day - Scandinavian girls know how to rock them

- Scando girls are fans of tights and cigarette jeans - be sure to combine those with nice boots
- Comfy baggie white swaters and camel coats are a must
- Scandinavian girls love wearing their hair in ponytails and high buns  and when they are down,they are usualy straight and long parted
- Scandinavian girls prefere wedged shoes 
- And you should allways own good pair of androgenus leather pants - allways , Scandinavian women apparantly really like those

Germanic women are known for their love of all thing practical - and so it is in their fashion as well ,but younger generation also love rock and techno styles ,making the German womens fashion interesting to observe.

- Be practical ,simple yet effective
- Colors you should own - black,brown,gray
- Shapes - Straight,androgenous
- Germanic women love their black peaces - they often layer black on black items
- Not much pattern combination,but combination of nice neutral colors are often found among them
- Almost no make up  - Germanic women are famous for their casual approach to make up 
- Jewlery is simple and not flashy

- Do not be afraid to mix sneakers,jeans and blazers
- Its all about practical comfort that looks serious enough

Slavic women are considered the most beautiful in Europe and some swear in whole world - when it comes to Slavic womens style they are famos for liking,short,tight,rich clothes .

Now Slavic people can be found from Southern ,Central and most famously Eastern Europe ,so their styles are not to be expected to be equaly as representable all over the Europe but ,for the main part things i am going to mention here are shared.

- Colors you should own - white,red,blue,green,brown
- Patterns you should own - Flowers,Rococco ornaments,
- Slavic women do not wear long dresses as much as they wear short ones - short dress is a must,midi dresses are also prefered 
-  Lace details are also often found in Slavic womens fashion
- Slavic women love make up and enjoy wearing it - make up all the time everywhere -even to the gym
-  Love of leather jackets and tights combined is observed 
- Slavic girls love sportswear,but it should be tight fitted,feminine - tights ,air max shoes and good old adidas tops ,every Slavic girl owns those and if they do,so should you 
- Slavic women love luxury clothes,brands matter and so does quality of the clothes - but it must look ''rich''
- When it comes to hair Slavic girls follow trends,but long hair that can be braided in various braid styles is allways popular and prefered 

- Slavic women love their fur - fake or natural , colored or - not,it does not matter full on fur coats or just fur details are a must

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