Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The effects of photoshop on society : are we overphotoshoped?

What kind of effect does photoshop have on fashion industry? Are we all way too much influenced by photoshop culture? Lets see how can we answer this questions in few simple steps.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most used photoshop programs in fashion industry - photoshop in general inevitable part of fashion advertising this days.
Designers use photoshop to change color,texture even the design itself - my question is how honest that is twords those people for whom those ads are made and directed at,what about buyers?

Photoshop is nowdays being used by everyone for everything - new ways of advertising,new photoshop effects and possibilities . Instagram models for example are novelty in fashion advertising that relies mostly on various effects,filters and what not instagram and other apps can offer to them, quite a number of women you see posing casualy in beautifle clothes on their instagram profiles are most likely not what they seem ,confirmed by a number of instagram models themselfs,one of them that made it loud and clear was this young lady named Essena O’Neill --- here you can read her own words is you wish 

From high fashion to most basic and random one,everything nowdays seems to have neen passed through various filters and corrections to look out of  this world like - the question of honesty of those who sell, the question of originality and practicality is raised ,but shouldnt we also ask if photoshop in fashion industry is affecting its most loyal consumers in more personal way than just falsly presented products? Gorgeous models who are photographed and then whos apperance is even more banalized that they look almost like non human ,is industry caring about effects it has on those young followers of it who are soaking in everything they are served with.

Could it really be that we are overphotoshoped? Is fashion industry really hiting its lying bottom in this era? What do you think?

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