Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fashion Inspired by Telenovelas

Where i live telenovelas were a afternoon guilty pleasure for most people,females enjoyed them more openly while males would know every single thing that happened in the newest episodes,who is good who is bad,who what ate and what not, all that  while claiming that they do not watch soap operas - who were they kidding i do not know,i only know that fashion in telenovelas i watched was mostly friking awsome ! Yesterday while i was making my imdb list of my favorite telenovelas i ever watched  i strolled down memory lane of the fashion i saw in them,so i decided to make a blogg post on topic!

See how you can look like your favorite protagonist or even antagonist of telenovelas.

Most of telenovelas i watched and loved revolved on ranches and around them- this set is inspired by plot of strong female ranchera that needs no man - but eventually falls hard on either a worker on her ranch or mortal enemy of her famous family,or both!

You should basically pay attention here on simple fits,jeans,vests and ofcourse cowboy hats and boots!

When that type of female character dresses in something else than jeans,she chooses maxi skirts and earthy colors - keep in mind she is still this tough female rancher 

Then there are those characters whos inocence is presented with nice white or bright dresses,girly details and lots of colors and flowers 

Once our inocent character is let down,she usually starts dressing up more provocative for the standarts she once had,or maybe better wording would be more ''city'' - there is something in love disapointment that makes us go to our closet and try to change our apperance in protest

Antagonists are interesting to observe,in both pscyhological and fashion sense - they are in most of the cases simply extravagant characters - lots of colors,silk,gold and silver and revealing clothes !

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  1. Interesting. I'd like to see more examples from telenovelas to compare. (c;
    And their clothes change depending on where they are from (Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina...)