Thursday, October 29, 2015

Body shapes and fashion

To look great you have to know what looks good on you - what looks good on a model might not look equaly as good on you,because of body shapes (and no,this has nothing to do with weight!)

What are the basic body shapes?

1. Apple
- fuller bust
- fuller middle section
- narrow hips and legs

2. Pear
- narrow waist
- small bust
- bottom half of the bodie is fuller

3. Hourglass
- defined waist
- bust-hips and hips are similar in size
- curvy shape

4. Rectangle
- undefined waist
- smaller bust
- less curves

5. Inverted triangle
- broad shoulders
- top heavy
-  legs and hips are narrow

6. Diamond
- fuller midesection
- slim arms and legs
- hips and waist are broad
if you dont know what is your body type ,put your mesurements here and find out body-type-calculator (and mesure your sholders,not breasts)

How to dress them up so they can shine!?

1. Apple

For your body shape the best combination is like the one presented in this pic
A-line dresses would fit you best,straight pants,loose tops and a-line flared skirts
You can wear wedges,calf leinght boots,salons and flats without a problem

2. Pear

Wrap dresses,flared skirts and wide leged pants (although tight ones you can wear too),high heels so you would elongate your legs,v necks and sholder pads look perfect on you!

3. Hourglass

Hourglass is considered one of the most sexy body shapes,but we all know that it's only one out of six sexy shapes ;)
When we are dressing up this body shape,the best clothes to use are the waisted ons,clothes that follow the line of the body - so forget about baggy clothes,because those clothes can make you look biggger because often you do have fuller hips and breasts,but your waist will save you there,so accent it!

4. Rectangle

You have waist that is wide,so you should either wear wide shirts,or try to make your waste look smaller by wearing belted dresses and shirts

5. Inverted triangle

The best for you are wraped dresses and tops,a line skirts and asimetrical clothes,straight pants,tight.

6. Diamond

You should wear loose and high belted stuff,pencil skirts and straight pants,in those you look the best!

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