Saturday, April 11, 2015

April is gate to the spring but the key we hold is cold

So i've skiped March because it was cold and dull weather most of the time,and clothes you wore in February fit quite well with march- for me it was not inspirative time so i did not make any posts - i hope you dont mind guys :)

I am trying to manage my blogg the best i can .

So this post will be about this winter on spring weather,when sun and rain go hand under hand - most people just dont know how to dress up in transiting period,and i am here to hellp .

Personally at this time i become very sporty in my  dresseing up ,i take out my tights and sneakers - but to make it more mondane (because i am a city girl)  i put a lot of leather and metal in the combination.

So this is basicly how i dressed up this couple of days (you can follow me on "polyvore" btw (i will try to post more of my creationes from there in next bloggs)  - sonjamilica - is the name)

So i had to travell and the day was breazy but sunny ,i chose ripped jeans and leather jacket under wich i chose nice long sweather,and olive Timbeland shoes fit very well in this combo - and i am curently in love with my Balenciaga bag wich perfectly fits my every combination wich you will see later on,i had high ponytail wich is easy to manage and looks very stylish

When i chose to wear this combination it was very hot day for early spring and i was more than happy to take out my jean jacket and combine it with ripped jeans to get trendy "jeans on jeans" combination
To kill the blues i chose nice brown booties  and as i said my fave leather bag wich is black,just to make it all more fun. My hair was in nice low bun so i think i looked very relaxed and chic.

I chose this combination because i had a lot to do do around town and i needed to feel as more comfortable as i can - and i feel like that in sport clothes
I chose black tights and nice gray baseball T over which i chose nice leather jacket . Converses shoes were very comfortable for my little run around .
Again i chose nice managable ponytail for my hairstyle.

This combination was "throw whatever you find on yourself to warm up" after few days of nice sunny weather it changed and became cold and it even snowed.
I chose comfortable thights once again,paired them up with plain t shirt over wich i put a nice wooly vest,over wich i chose to put nice orange sports jacket and i chose orange timberlands next to my fave bag once again - i relly liked this combination,i am not a fan of vibrant colores but i liked how it ended up looking.

And my last combination for you,wich i wore yesterday  - again my favorite black tights and bag,with my favorite converse shoes, but i chose nice tight short sleved and floral T and nice leather aviator jacket to make it all more girly but rockerish.

I hope i inspiered you guys and shown you how to dress in nice layers in this transiting times,when sun and rain - hot and cold dance their dances around us. 

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